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Wagan Solar EL2546 e Cube 1500 Product Review


Losing power is definitely up there with the worst things that can happen in modern society, and even the thought of it can cause nightmares. This product is here to solve that problem. The Wagan’s Solar e Power Cube is a portable source of power that will allow you to power up your devices from anywhere. By using sustainable solar technology the product is user friendly as well as environmentally friendly.


Can cover all of your power needs

This product can really pack a punch when it comes to power as it features a 1500 watt power inverter as well as two 12 volt accessory outlets enabling you to power up your DC appliances. It also has two 115 volt AC outlets and two USB ports enabling you to power up pretty much any device you choose. The battery is a 55 AH AGM/gel battery and can be powered purely by solar charge, however you are also given the option to charge the battery using a mains power source thanks to the DC and AC adapters.

Environmentally friendly

Thanks to the high volume of solar panels on this product, it can be fully charged by sunlight alone. The first charge will take around 24 hours, however, subsequent charges should not be any longer than 18 hours when the solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight. This makes the product incredibly environmentally friendly and you will be running on completely sustainable power.

User friendly

The product features a digital LED voltmeter display so you can easily check the battery status and ensure you don’t run out of juice with no warning. There is also no need to spend time and effort setting up this product as its ready to go straight out the box.

Even more power

If you are ever in a situation where you think you’ll need a little bit more power in reserve then this product gives you that option. The product comes with additional solar panels and batteries that can be connected to give you all the power you need.


You can take this power source anywhere you need thanks to the collapsible handle and wheels. The product also has a very handy fold out compartment so you can store accessories easily.

What’s in the Box?

As well as the product itself which includes 5 slide out solar panels, you will also receive both DC and AC adapters to recharge the battery via a mains electricity power source. You will also receive additional solar panels and batteries in case of breakage or if you require more power. Finally, this product is covered by a 2 year limited warranty.


Thanks to the Wagan Solar EL2546 e Cube 1500 you will never need to worry about being out of power again. This product would be especially useful for people living in areas prone to adverse weather events that cause power outages and frequent campers. However, it’s a fantastic back up plan that every household would benefit from.