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Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Review


Initial impressions

Trying to find a quality solar generator these days is a lot easier than it’s ever been in the past – but that doesn’t mean that it is simple or straightforward by any stretch of the imagination.

There are a lot of options to sift through these days, and you’re definitely going to need to be certain that you’re getting your hands on a quality piece of equipment that you know you’ll be able to trust.

That’s what makes the Goal Zero Yeti 150 solar generator so special.

Compact, intelligently designed, and maybe the most (but certainly one of the most) reliable solar generators you are going to come across, this unit is the real deal.


Standout feature

Though there are a lot of impressive features that the Goal Zero Yeti 150 puts on full display, the most impressive has to be the sheer amount of “plugs” this generator offers right on the face of the unit itself.

You aren’t ever going to have any trouble whatsoever powering up or plugging in pretty much any electronic device you have on hand, thanks to the wide array of different input and output options on this generator. Combine that with the 150WH power supply that it’s able to produce, and you are talking about something really special here.

This solar generator is going to be most useful out in the open while drawing power from the sun’s rays, but you’ll also have the opportunity to refuel the battery power with a standard wall outlet, and outlet in your vehicle, and you’ll even be able to use a hand crank generator in an emergency – or at night – to give you the juice you so desperately need.



  • This compact solar generator provides enough power to recharge laptops, eliminate lights, and power on smart phones no matter where you are
  • Innovative quick refill battery system allows you to go from completely dead to be charged fully in record time
  • Multiple different power input and output options give you universal versatility and extreme flexibility
  • Flexible “recharge” power sources allow you to make sure that you always have enough juice on hand regardless of your specific situation


  • Though it isn’t a bank breaker by any stretch of the imagination, the Goal Zero Yeti 150 is certainly a bit on the more expensive side of the fence
  • You’ll need to purchase extra solar panel arrays (sold separately) to really leverage everything this generator has to offer

Final verdict

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a compact, portable, and lightweight generator that offers you extreme flexibility and versatility in how you charge the battery system as well as what you’re able to be charge with your stored energy, then you’ll want to look closely at the Goal Zero Yeti 150 solar generator.

One of the finest choices in the solar generator space, this is incredibly durable, very portable, and offers exactly the right amount of flexibility that you’re looking for. It may not be an ideal solution for running your entire home, but for what it has been created to handle, you aren’t likely to find anything that can beat it.