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A Review Of The Go Power! Weekend SW Complete Inverter and Solar System With 160 Watts of Solar


Our electronics tend to go everywhere we do. Providing directions, maps, a way to call incase of an emergency, or even as a tool to help identify flora and fauna, things like smart phone, flashlights, radios and more rely on having a source of power to be recharged. Traditionally, taking a trip into the wilderness has meant going without a charger for your products or potentially buying an expensive generator.

The Go Power! Weekender SW Complete Inverter and Solar System seeks to solve this problem by providing a high tech, green energy solution to power generation that requires nothing more then a sunny day and the device itself. Lets take a moment to review this product, to see how it may compare to other similar products, a review of the technical details, and a look at what previous people thought when purchasing this portable inverter.

The Go Power! Weekender SW

The company Go Power! specializes in portable inverters typically put on top of cars, trucks, and RV’s. Along with the Weekend SW model, there is also the Overlander model, flexible solar panel kits, and complete Inverter and Solar systems. Go Power! maintains a favorable rating as a company, making the Weekend SW a potentially good buy.

The Weekend SW comes with complete kit so that you will not have to buy anything extra. Being a solar inverter, it produces no noise at all, making it a welcome change to the sound of gas generators. In addition, it produces no smell or waste because of its green design. More impressive however is its charge and ability to power.

The Weekend SW can help you power AC, TV, or recharge electronics in peace and quiet. Not requiring constant fuel purchases, the inverter will gradually make back its cost through saving on fuel. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a week away, the Weekend SW Complete Solar Inverter will help make your trip more enjoyable.

Technical Details Of The Go Power! Weekender SW

51+MGmHKBpLThe dimensions of the inverter come in at 64 inches wide by 31 inches long. It is 18 inches deep. Around average size for portable inverters, the Go Power! may be smaller then what you find when examining permanent units. However, it is far lighter, coming it at 60 pounds. The total shipping weight is 110 pounds. While the price of $1.5 thousand may seem like a lot, it is fairly priced with similar solar inverters.

User Reviews For The Go Power! Weekender SW

Reviews for the Go Power! Weekend SW Complete Solar Panel are overwhelmingly positive. Most of these positive comments come from experienced outback campers and wilderness buffs who recognize that while any generator may have limits, the Go Power! Inverter manages to provide a sizable amount of electrical charge. Some have suggested getting two Inverters, as well as more batteries in order to store more electrical charge when it is sunny and make up for cloudy or rainy days.

When the sun is out, people report being able to do a whole host of activities including using a microwave and vacuuming. Using the air conditioning all the time can tax the system though and will usually require more capacity then what is offered through this product alone. That being said, people are very pleased with the solid craftsmanship and design that comes with this product.

All poor reviews dealt with either issues that arose in shipping or during installation. As installation can be complicated, it helps to either know what you are doing or have a trained electrical help you. Any and all problems should be immediately reported to the company for either new parts or a potential refund.

Final Thoughts

The Go Power! Weekend SW Complete Inverter and Solar System is a solid choice if you are looking for a reliable power source and you know you will be in a climate where there is some sun. Through minimal use, even a small amount of charge can go far while full out use of electronics is possible with direct sunlight. Either way, if you are in the market for a portable solar inverter, then this product is definitely worth checking out.