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Renogy® Firefly – Light Portable Power Product Review


Technology addiction is most definitely a real thing, especially as technology becomes more accessible every day. The idea of losing power without having anywhere to recharge is a living nightmare for a lot of people. This is why the Renogy Firefly Light Portable Power is such an important product. This portable power system uses solar technology to fire your gadgets back up in times of need.


  • Easy to Use

The product comes equipped with an LCD display which is extremely straightforward to use, as well as a number of various outlets to facilitate all kinds of devices.

  • Portable

This product is completely designed to be taken anywhere, witch its compact size and handy carrying handle it can be used wherever it is needed without it being a burden.

  • High Energy

For a product that runs completely on solar energy it really packs a powerful punch providing users with up to 175Wh of energy. It also comes equipped with an LED flashlight in case of emergencies. This flashlight has two modes; general lighting and SOS signal.

  • Even More Power

The product has charge controller built in, using this feature will allow you to use and extra 12V solar panel and gather up to an extra 50W of energy.

  • Plug and Play

In addition to the solar panels there is also a lithium polymer 16Ah battery and a 150 watt power inverter, all of which combine to create a simple to use plug and play system.

  • Protected

The exterior of the product is created using waterproof materials, so the elements will not damage the power supply. Even in the wettest of conditions you can stay online.

What’s in the Box?

As well as the product itself, within the package you will also receive a 5.5mm to light bulb jack, aan AC charger, 5.5mm to SAE jack, and a 4 in 1 USB cable for charging.


With this product there is no need to suffer the pain of not being able to use your favourite gadgets, especially if you are a frequent camper. However, this product is not only useful for outdoor pursuits, it’s also an extremely useful back up plan to keep at home in case of a power outage. It can give you peace of mind on your travels and overall the charge is a small price to pay to keep your life connected.