Portable Solar Generators: One of the Best Portable Generators


Types of Portable Generators

Are you tired of those times where you just lost electricity and you cannot do anything about it? Have you heard about portable generators? These are helpful devices that save you whenever you lost electricity or if you are in a place where no electricity is being provided. There are actually different types of generators that you can choose from. Here are some of them:

  1. Diesel Portable Generator

  • These types of generators provide power or electricity from diesel. You put diesel into it and the generator convert it into electricity.

  1. Portable Gas Generator

  • This is just like the diesel portable generator. The only difference is that its source of power is gasoline and not diesel.

  1. Portable Solar Generator

  • This type of generator gets its power from the rays of the sun or from solar power.

Choosing the Best Portable Generators

Since there are many type of generators, and there are many brands that you can choose from in the market. You should be able to choose the best portable generator so that it last for a long time and so that it can give you the service that you need from a portable generator. Here are some of the tips that you can use in choosing a portable generator:

  1. Ask yourself why you need the generator and where you are planning to use it. There are generators portable and standby generators. If you are planning on using the generator in different places, then portable generator is the one for you.

  2. Ask yourself how often you are planning to use the generator. If you are planning on using it most of the time, choose a generator that can give you power every time you will use it.

  3. In addition to number 2, if you are planning on using the generator most of the time, make sure that the generator is earth friendly. Using fuels may not be good for our environment. Solar powered generator may be better.

Tips and considerations

 One thing that you can add to your options when choosing a portable generator is a portable solar generator.

As mentioned earlier, typical generators are those where you put fuel for them to function and give you electricity whenever your electricity provider failed to give you. Portable solar generators, on the other hand, use solar power to provide you with electricity instead of fuel or gasoline. These energy that the generators got from the sun’s rays are then stored for future use. It is just like solar generators except they are portable, meaning the energy that they store are not as much. The energy they store is used in a 12 volt battery. It may be small, but it can already be used in small appliances like laptops, electric fans, or refrigerators. They can even be used to charge batteries.

Basically, these generators could be very helpful in emergencies when the provider of your electricity is not able to provide you with electricity. Furthermore, since it is portable, you can easily use it wherever you want.

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