A Buying Guide for Portable Solar Generator


Solar generators are designed to catch the sun’s energy with the use of solar panels. The energy is then stored in a battery bank and will then be released with the use of an inverter which can be used for standard AC power. A traditional diesel generator can produce fumes and noise which can be very inconvenient plus, it is not friendly to the environment. Because of this disadvantage, many people are now choosing to buy a portable solar generator which is more practical and safe to use. The primary benefit that one may get from using portable home generators is its renewable source of green energy.

Factors to consider when buying the best portable generators

The key details that are very important in a portable solar generator are portability, component quality, battery storage capacity, balanced system design and solar PV input. Here are a few more details that can help in picking the best portable generators for home use:


The mobility factor must be given utmost importance. A portable power generator will be a great energy solution for families who love camping or staying outdoors. These handy and small portable generators can be a great choice considering that they can function efficiently and yet they do not take up a lot of space. Get a portable generator that is designed like a briefcase which makes handling and moving a lot easier.

Component Quality

Quality and durability are 2 essential components that you should find in a portable solar generator. The generator must not only be handy but it should also pass all the set quality standards to ensure its efficacy and reliability. Never go for cheap portable generators that do not guarantee the best quality and performance.

Battery storage capacity

An effective portable generator must have ample battery storage which allows the owner to use it even during times of limited sun. Always follow the battery recommendations or better yet, do your own research through portable generator reviews so you can have an idea on the ideal storage capacity of the battery.

Balanced system design

The important combination for a balanced design for the generator system should have the following factors: solid PV input, usable storage capacity and as well as an applicable inverter rating. The components of the solar generator must complement each other so it will function at its best level. Having a balanced system design will ensure that the generator will last for a good amount of time which will give you the best value for your money.

Solar PV Input

Solar generators must have the best solar panels; otherwise the purpose of the device will only be rendered useless. Buyers should also stay away from solar generators that take a lot of time to charge especially during winter and cloudy days.

In summary, having a portable solar generator will surely be handy for whatever reason. This device can even be considered as a wise investment, therefore every penny must count. A wise buyer must always do their research first so they can pick the best generator.

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