5 Best Portable Solar Generators for Camping

solar generators for camping

If you’re fond of camping and you want power while you’re out in the wilderness, you’ll find that investing in a portable solar generator is a smart strategy.

Today’s solar generators are impressive devices which harness the power of the sun in order to provide power which may be utilized in order to cook and run an array of electric and electronic devices.

To help you pinpoint the best styles, we’ve created a practical guide. We’ll detail the 5 best portable solar generators for camping, in order to save you time and energy as you comparison-shop for an ideal model.


1.) Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit

This generator retails for about four hundred and fifty bucks and it earns accolades from real-life owners. Equipped with outputs which power up laptop computers, CPAP machines and TVs, this portable unit weighs in at twenty-nine pounds and it’s a chainable style. When you choose the Yeti 400, you’ll access 400Wh capacity with 33 aH and you’ll be able to re-charge the design via AC, 12V or Solar power.

Perfect for usage at camp or at home, when power outages occur, this practical model will take you off of the grid and it won’t be noisy or smelly. It’s the perfect modern generator for eco-conscious consumers and its price is very affordable in light of its high quality and its impressive array of sensible features.

Compact, yet powerful enough to offer plenty of power when you need it most, this dependable unit is also very simple to use. Full instructions will be included with your purchase.



2.) Goal Zero 31901 Yeti 1250

If you’re in the market for a high-end solar generator with all of the “bells and whistles”, you’ll likely find this Goal Zero-brand design appealing. The Yeti 1250 is crafted with an attractive silver-and-black finish and it’s big enough to offer significant power at camp.

Retailing for around one thousand and four hundred dollars at online retailers, this design features the right system for powering up an array of items, from lights to tools to fridges to freezers to medical equipment and beyond. In addition, it provides the ultimate in whisper-quiet performance, without any fumes.

You may use this model inside or outside and choose from three power sources (solar, wall or auto). This design is very portable as it comes with a convenient rolling cart which makes moving it from place to place so simple.

While it’s more expensive than many generators, it offers a great deal of bang for the buck, so it’s a great investment for those who want more power via a solar-style generator.


3.) Wagan Solar EL2546 e Cube 1500

41a6ng3mP4L._SY300_This unit is also highly-rated and it comes with five solar panel pieces which fold out from a central “power cube”. Equipped with a fifteen hundred watt AC inverter, this style is perfect for powering up a host of practical items, including laptops, TVs, microwave ovens, fridges and freezers and more.

The design features a couple of USB ports which may be utilized to charge or run smart phones and other electronic toys. The generator comes with AC/DC adaptors which may be utilized in order to keep its innovative, high-tech battery charged up. Everything that you need will be included in this kit, so you’ll find that getting it up and running is very simple.

Prices for this unit vary – check online to see which retailers are offering competitive prices for this particular model (usually, it costs around a thousand bucks). Then, indulge in quality by selecting this exceptional solar generator, which is a favorite of consumers.



4.)Renogy® Firefly – Light Portable Power

This design is made for off-grid purposes and it’s just right for emergency situations as well. Compact and so easy to move from place to place, this style comes with a couple of high-quality solar panels, a built-in controller for charging, a one hundred and fifty watt power inverter and a lithium battery.

You’ll also receive a rugged case which is waterproof and which is designed to protect your generator when it’s not being used. This portable power system is marketed as a “plug-n-play” model, so it’s definitely simple to use. You won’t need to go through a lot in order to master setup and operation of this device and it will offer plenty of power when you need it.

This unit typically retails for five hundred dollars – shop around in order to find a great price on this well-regarded solar generator, which offers up to one hundred and seventy-five watts of energy.


5.) BePreparedSolar 200AH Solar Generator

This portable solar generator is really durable, so it’s a rugged and reliable choice for camping or other applications. You’ll find that moving this unit around is simple – this makes it an ideal choice for camp! When you choose this design, you’ll get everything that you need in order to generate power, from cables to an inverter to a charge controller and beyond. So, you won’t need to buy anything else in order to get this system up and running. The design comes with three AC outlets and a couple of USB ports. It also features a handy LCD Battery Status display. Access 5000 watt peak and 2500 watt continuous by ordering this impressive solar generator today…this unit weighs in at 135 pounds and it’s packed with power.

You’ll find this model for about $1395.00. It’s a high-end model with high-end performance. Investing in this design will ensure that you always have the power that you want and need.


Now that you know the five best solar generators for camping, you’ll be ready to choose the one which is right for your needs and budget. Every style on our list is great, so it will be hard to make a mistake! However, price points vary a fair bit. Using your own sense of what you can afford to make a decision will be a wise way to move forward. You should be able to order all of these generators online – just pay attention to shipping costs and they may impact the final tab for your new generator.



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